Th3Greyhound выиграл

Th3Greyhound Вложил Genuine Crown of the Death Priestess(~25 руб.)
Th3Greyhound Вложил The International 2016 HUD(~1 руб.)
Th3Greyhound Вложил Sharpshooter's Stache(~8 руб.)
Th3Greyhound Вложил Inscribed Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls(~75 руб.)
Th3Greyhound Вложил Genuine Strike of the Light(~42 руб.)
Th3Greyhound Вложил Guard of the Crescent Moon(~1 руб.)
Th3Greyhound Вложил Flying Desolation(~29 руб.)
Scaя Вложил Gatling Cannon of the Dragon Emperor(~1 руб.)
Scaя Вложил Inscribed Dagger Last Hits(~19 руб.)
Scaя Вложил Belt of the Primeval Predator(~3 руб.)
Skipeeeq Вложил Ancient Rhythms Loading Screen(~1 руб.)
Skipeeeq Вложил Shoulder of Eternal Reign(~1 руб.)
Skipeeeq Вложил Spike of the Primal Firewing(~1 руб.)
Skipeeeq Вложил Elder Cruel Diretide(~6 руб.)
Skipeeeq Вложил Cape of the Rambling Fatebender(~39 руб.)
Skipeeeq Вложил Armor of the Hunter's Glory(~2 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Ornaments of the Protean Emperor(~1 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Caustic Glare(~1 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Chained Chopper(~1 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Grand Voulge of the Dragon Guard(~1 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Strength of the Demon Stone(~1 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Outland Witch's Sash(~1 руб.)
-Kael Вложил Sharpshooter's Cloak(~4 руб.)